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Manor Farm Wymondham

A renewable technology project aiming to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions at a farmhouse.

Renewable Technologies

The evaluation of technologies focused on using either a biomass boiler or a Ground Sourced
Heat Pump (GSHP) to replace gas heating. Solar Thermal was evaluated to provide hot water
and Solar PV systems were considered to reduce electricity costs.

Study Outcomes

It was concluded that all technologies were viable. However, it was recommended that the
biomass boiler and Solar PV would provide the greatest annual fuel and carbon savings.

Renewable Technologies

Financial Savings

Potential RHI/FIT Income CO2 Emissions Saved
3.9 kWp Solar PV £317.00  £928.00 1,362 kg
Biomass Nil  £5,868.45 14,671 kg
11kWp wind turbine £2,640.00  £6,568.00 10,578 kg

If you are interested in renewable energy technologies, want to know whether your site is suitable and how much energy & CO2 emissions you could save contact our office on 01953 798112.

Clean Energy Consultancy to assist Southend Borough Council with Renewables Clean Energy is pleased to announce it has been awarded the tender to assist Southend Borough Council implement its long term strategy for a low carbon community with the installation of a range of renewable technologies.

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Thank you very much for the report which looks excellent and at this stage looks a worthwhile exercise.

Client from Oxfordshire - Biomass, solar and wind turbine feasibility