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Wroxham Barns

A renewable technology project for a rural crafts and agricultural centre.

Renewable and Energy Saving Technologies

The feasibility study evaluated the use of solar PV, wind turbines, insulation and low energy lighting within the Gallery

Study Outcomes*

After evaluation, it was concluded that all technologies were viable.

Combined annual savings of Solar PV, wind turbines and insulation

undefined 87,272 kWh
undefined £30,643
undefined 37.48 tonnes of CO2 emissions

If you are interested in renewable energy technologies, want to know whether your site is suitable and how much energy & CO2 emissions you could save contact our office on 01953 798112.

* Based on specific technology quotations and the electricity price at £0.13 kWh

Client awarded grant funding for anaerobic digestion feasibility Andrew Robertson is pleased to announce that grant funding from WRAP has been awarded for a client considering anaerobic digestion using pig manure.

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Thank you very much for the report which looks excellent and at this stage looks a worthwhile exercise.

Client from Oxfordshire - Biomass, solar and wind turbine feasibility