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Community Anaerobic Digestion

A combined heat and power (CHP) installation.


Two systems were evaluated, a 250 kW AD community combined heat and power (CHP) system for 23 houses and a High School and a 500 kW AD community CHP system for a High School, Primary School and 108 homes. The systems would be operated with locally produced maize silage and provide heat and power via a district heating system. The intention is for the local community to become an ESCO.

Renewable Technologies

250 kWe and 250 kWth Anaerobic digestion plant and a 500 kW kWe with 440kWth AD plant to provide district heating and electricity.

Study Outcomes 

250 kW AD CHP 500 kW AD CHP
CO2 1027 tonnes 2134 tonnes
£ FIT / RHI income £275,166.00
Electricity savings £28,800.00
Heating savings £20,702.00
FIT income £394,560.00
Electricity savings £57,600.00
Heating savings £45,546.00

N.B. There was no RHI income for the 500 kW AD CHP as it surpasses the RHI threshold.

If you are interested in renewable energy technologies, want to know whether your site is suitable and how much energy & CO2 emissions you could save contact our office on 01953 798112.

Hartlepower CIC School Community Solar PV Installation Clean Energy Consultancy Ltd (CEC) provided impartial advice to Paul Hewitson and his team at Hartlepool CIC to evaluate a roof mounted solar PV array at West Park School in Hartlepool

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Thank you very much for the report which looks excellent and at this stage looks a worthwhile exercise.

Client from Oxfordshire - Biomass, solar and wind turbine feasibility